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About AE Labs

Atmosphere Essentials Laboratories is a 100% Certified Organic and Natural Skin Care Manufacturer located in NYC. Here at AE Labs, our highly skilled organic chemists produce extensive lines of lavish organic skin care products made from the highest grades of pure and remarkable target healing essential oils, highly effective raw botanicals, and all naturally derived proven skin and hair elixir formulas to create organic skin care masterpieces unlike any others seen on the market today.

For 19 years, we have perfected our organic skin care manufacturing craft, yielding us the edge it takes to create highly effective skin and hair care regimens for our customers, putting them leaps in front of their competitors in the beauty world.


Custom Products

100% SOY WAX CANDLES: doubles as a salve and massage oil.  20,000+ essential oils to choose from, exotic custom crafted blends, color matching soy wax candles. 

BATH SALTS/BUBBLE BATH: foaming, moisture infused, flower infused bath products.  20,000+ essential oils to choose from.

BODY LOTIONS/BUTTERS/WHIPS/SALVE: intense hydration, light hydration, firming, skin brightening, spot treatment, anti-wrinkle, stress relief, calming, uplifting, energy inducing lotions, butters, whips, and salve.

BODY POLISHES/SCRUBS: moisturizing, skin brightening, and rejuvenating raw sugar, brown sugar, and salt polishes and scrubs.

BODY SOAP BARS:  over 20,000+ pure essential oils to choose from, raw ingredients, and specific targeting soaps.

BODY WASH/BODY SCRUB WASHES/BODY SHAMPOOS:Intense moisture, clarifying, skin brightening, sloughing, energizing, calming, stress relief, and sensitive skin wash.

EYE CREAMS AND SERUMS: intense eye smoothing, wrinkle redux, intense hydration, dark circle redux, and anti-puffiness, cooling creams and serum.

FACIAL CLEANSERS: blemish control cleansers, cleansing milks, cleansing scrubs, cleansing wash, anti shine cleanser, and make-up removing cleanser.

FACIAL MASKS:  clarifying, clearing, moisturizing, anti-red, oxygenating, skin brightening and botanical masks.

FACIAL MOISTURIZERS: oil control, balancing, intense moisture, refreshing, anti-aging/anti wrinkle, skin brightening, free radical fighting, and light moisturizers.

FACIAL SERUMS: mattifying, mineral repair, age spot counteracter reverse, acne spot treatment, anti wrinkle, skin brightening, and smoothing serums.

FACIAL TONERS: balancing, clarifying, moisturizing, super hydrating, anti shine, oil reduction, and blemish control toners.

FOOT BARS: anti fungal, intense moisture, stress relief, volcanic rock foot bars. 

FOOT CREAM: anti fungal, intense moisture, stress relief, foot deodorizing creams.

HAIR CONDITIONER/MASKS:  light, medium, and deep conditioning, exotic oil blends, color protect, damage repair, keratinized complex conditioners.

HAIR SHAMPOO: light, medium, and heavy cleansing, deep clarifying, exotic oil blends, color protect, damage repair, nourishing, root strengthening, hair regrowth, keratinized complex conditioners.  

LIP CREAMS AND SERUMS: lip plumper, and lip line redux lip creams and serums.

LIP MASKS/SCRUB:  fine sugar scrub, rejuvenating, and line redux lip masks and scrubs.

PERFUMES/COLOGNES: over 20,000+ pure essential oils to choose from, unique custom blends, exotic blend craft, spray perfumes and colognes, solid and roll-on pure essential perfumes.


Our team of experienced skin care chemists, formulating in AE Labs state-of-the art laboratory, works in strategic partnership with the leading skin care ingredient suppliers to source the most advanced skin care ingredients.

AE Labs commitment is to provide you with skin care products that meet all desired performance characteristics and are in complete alignment with your marketing and distribution strategies.

Once approved by our customers, the new skin care formulations undergo rigorous bulk stability testing; to further ensure reproducible, high quality.

AE Labs offers the capability and technology to conduct scale-up batches in our  Laboratory Facilities. 

AE Labs Regulatory and Product Integrity Teams provide essential support to our customers in ensuring compliancy and in the coordination of any necessary or requested stability testing.

Additional Services

In addition to our turnkey product creations, we also offer website creation services to give your product World Wide Web presence and exposure.  We even offer blind drop shipping and storage services for your online order fulfillment needs.  This service is a fabulous way to service your online customer orders without having to store product in your facilities, saving you money in storage space, and valuable time spent with shipping and handling preparations.

Bottle Filling

We can fill all type bottles in a wide variety of sizes from 1 ounces to 5 gallons for products such as shampoos, soaps, cleaners, liquid, cream, toners, and more.... 

Our bottling lines are capable of speeds in excess of 75 bottles per minute.  Our auto cap capabilities range from 10 mm to 120 mm in diameter and the dosage cap stations run from 10 mm to 60 mm.  Our lines also include capabilities such as induction seal, shrink sleeve with shrink tunnel, two sided labels and horizontal side seal shrink wrap. 

Bottles can be custom labeled, shrink wrapped and boxed.

Getting Started

To learn more about how Atmosphere Essentials Laboratories can help you increase product sales with your very own Customized Skin Care or Hair Care Line, please contact us at:

(718) 608-9880 - (718) 356-0500