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Free for AE Lab manufactured products

$20 pallet for non-AE Lab products


$20 monthly per pallet

Does not apply to products stored <1 month


$45 / hour

Includes all processes outside of standard fulfillment processes (Ex. Branded boxing, sorting, special requests)

Picking / Packing

$2.50 for first item in order + .50 for each additional item in order

Includes picking, packing, and shipping (any additional steps is considered kitting).


$3.50 order + $.50 each additional item in order

We will remove all items from the return box and either return to inventory or mark as un-stockable.


Are costs for fulfillment different for International vs Domestic?
Fulfillment costs for shipping domestic vs international is the same. The main variable cost change would be the cost of shipping, which is charged to your parcel account. Our default shipping provider for international is DHL. Duty charges will be charged to the Parcel account.

What is AE Logistics policy for returns?
How customers are charged for returns & your overall policy on returns is an agreement between you and your customer. If you decide to have returns shipped back to our fulfillment center, the agreement lays out the cost for us to process the return which will be billed to you. If you want compensation from customers to cover return costs, this must be charged by you to your customers. 

What are customer's options for dunnage and can customers provide suggested packaging instructions?
If materials are not provided, AE Logistics will use our standard dunnage and packing instructions. Customers can provide dunnage to AE which we will use at no additional cost.

What does AE Logistics consider "special handling" for picking & packing?
Picking & packing includes picking the product, packaging, and shipping. Anything outside of these tasks are not included and would be considered special handling.

Will customers be able to track the cost of shipping from the courier and the cost of fulfillment?
We will use your courier account to pay for shipping, and we will also be able to provide the cost of B2B fulfillment.

Will the customer be charged extra for kits such as 'travel kits'?
Does your travel kits include additional packaging together or are they three separate products sold in the same order? If there is no additional assembly needed, the cost would be the same as a normal order including those 3 products separately.

Is the AE Logistics customer responsible for lost shipment claims?
Yes, that is correct.

What is the lead time for picking/packing?
Orders which come in before 1PM will ship same day, B2B & B2C.

Which shipping couriers are we able to use?
By default, we integrate with our preferred carriers: Fedex, USPS, DHL. Other carriers may be used on a case-by-case basis.

For international orders, will you be have the means to automatically generate commercial invoices?
Yes, we can do this.

Will you be able to include printed PO, or customer invoices?
Yes, we can do this.

Currently you just make and label our product. To add secondary packaging boxes and seals that will be a kitting fee correct?
Yes, this will be a kitting fee.

If our volume increases will that affect pricing over time one way or the other?
Yes, we provide a volume discount. Ask your AE Logistics contact for more information.


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